Tell President Biden and EPA: Finalize standards to protect health! January 3, 2024

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has had a busy year proposing to update numerous pollution standards. Millions of comments have flooded the agency from concerned people like you. Now that they’ve heard what we have to say, it’s time for them to strengthen and finalize these rules as soon as possible.

All of these new standards must be finalized by May of 2024 so that they can’t be overturned by the Congressional Review Act in the future. If action isn’t taken by this coming spring, a hostile Congress may try and make decisions in 2025 that should be left to environmental experts at the EPA.

All too often, the oil and gas industry’s greed outweighs public health and environmental justice concerns in the public sphere, while climate change continues to worsen. Now is the time to make sure our health voice is heard by the EPA. Polluters need to clean things up and be held accountable for their toxic emissions.

We need solutions for pollution now! Sign on today to make your voice heard at EPA and the White House.

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