Our Work

From educating other health advocates to inspiring policy change towards renewable energy our leadership and members work at the local, state, national and international levels to promote nuclear disarmament, eliminate nuclear power, promote clean energy and stop toxic pollutants and put a stop to the damaging practices that lead to climate change.


Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels America

PSR Florida is joining Food and Water Watch and others to urge you REACH OUT TO YOUR MEMBERS of CONGRESS and urge them to to support the priorities in the End Polluter Welfare Act (H.R.2101) to stop the $15 billion of subsidies currently given annually to the fossil fuel industry and ensure that an end to fossil fuel subsidies is included in the budget reconciliation process. We also urge you to push Congressional Leadership to remove the nearly $25 billion of subsidies to the fossil fuel industry included in the new bipartisan infrastructure bill.​

Get the Lead Out Florida

Our goal is to educate Floridians about the dangers of lead in drinking water and to pass legislation mandating filtration of drinking water in Florida schools.

  • We partner with other organizations who are also involved with  removing lead in drinking water  including Environment Florida and Environment America

  • Do you want to test a water fountain in your child’s school for lead?  For a sampling kit please send a check for $15( our cost) to: Get the Lead Out,  2300 Centerville Rd Tallahassee, Fl 32308

  • We will send you a Powerpoint presentation so that you can teach school principals, school board members about the dangers of lead in school drinking water.

  • Contact us- Ron Saff, MD


Gopher Factory Pollution

  1. Gopher exposed workers for years to lead in the air hundreds of times higher than the federal limit

  2. Eight out of 10 workers from 2014 to 2018 have enough lead in their blood to cause serious problems with blood pressure, kidney dysfunction or heart disease

  3. Gopher knows the factory had too much lead but does nothing about it

  4. Federal regulations required Gopher to conduct regular medical check-ups but the company contracted physician did not inform workers their blood levels were at levels that put them at risk

  5. At least 16 children have been exposed to lead exposure because employees unknowingly brought the poison home

Clean Energy Initiatives

With our allies, Floridians Against Dirty Energy we fight to expose the health benefits of renewable clean energy. Creating electricity from low-carbon energy sources—and cutting energy demand—reduces the need for fossil fuel power generation. That in turn lowers emissions of harmful gases like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. Health benefits of this change include reducing premature death, heart attack, asthma exacerbation, or hospitalization for cardiovascular or respiratory issues.


The #DemandAccess Campaign engages health professionals and concerned citizens in a campaign at the intersection of climate harm, nuclear threat, and social and racial justice. This campaign operates on an intersectional model: we believe that diverse progressive movements must work together toward a shared ambition that unite communities behind a common goal with the understanding that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been disproportionately denied access to resources as a result of skewed spending priorities.