Campaign Update

Climate Change: Impacts on Children’s Health

October 11, 2023

Kudos to Dr. Rani Gereige, a PSR Florida Chapter Board member, on his recent presentation in Cartagena, Colombia: “Climate Change: Impacts on Children’s Health” at the Global Health Conference of the Americas.

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FL Doctors Speak Against Legislature’s Decision to Block COVID-related Health Mandates

November 18, 2021

PSR Florida calls on Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature to put public health before political gaming.

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Fracking with “Forever Chemicals”

July 20, 2021
What are PFAS or "forever chemicals"? They're highly toxic chemicals used for fracking at 1,200 oil and gas wells, linked to health risks like cancer, tumors, and liver and kidney problems. Learn more:

PSR national presents previously unpublicized evidence that major oil and gas companies have used PFAS in fracking for oil and gas in more than 1,200 wells in six U.S. states.

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Doctor Speaks Out About Energy Preemption Bills in Florida

April 1, 2021

Dr. Ronald Saff, MD, allergy and asthma specialist in Florida’ Capital City, sends an open letter to the Florida Legislature informing them of the health risks of banning 100% clean energy initiative

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