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PSR Student Chapters (USF, FIU)

Congratulations to the new 2020 co-presidents for USF Student PSR!

Left to right: Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, Marian Rodriguez-Carbo, Enzo Cabrera, Dr. Deborah Trehy

Meet Marian Rodriguez-Carbo and Enzo Cabrera, the new 2020 co-presidents for our student chapter at USF! They are both first-year medical students, pictured here with their faculty advisors Dr. Lynn Ringenberg and Dr. Deborah Trehy who contribute greatly to PSR/FL.

Climate/Health Curriculum Integration

One of the main goals of our student chapter is to integrate climate change and health issues into the curriculum for medical school. Here we see the group working hard by brainstorming over coffee and making great progress!

We’re pleased to introduce the Climate Change in Education Coalition at USF Morsani College of Medicine!

Back row (left to right): Nitisha Mehta, Shalini Setty

Front row (left to right): Marian Rodriguez-Carbo, Enzo Cabrera, Dr. Lynn Ringenberg,  Nick Russo, Thrisha Potluri

This dedicated group of medical students is working to integrate climate change education into the medical school curriculum to ensure practicing physicians acquire a basic knowledge of the science of climate change, and can counsel patients on how to protect themselves from the health risks posed by climate change.


President: Albert Chen
Vice President: Nicholas Russo
Secretary: Mathew Caputo
Treasurer: Jay Patel


President: Rohit Iyer

Carson Bell
Eliza Nguyen
Katie Reming

USF Health Student PSR leadership 2016-17/2017-18
From L (bull) to R: Nima Hosseinian, PSR Florida Board Member Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, Dustin Denham, Tierra Curry and PSR Florida Board Member Jeannette Fleischer, ARNP. We discussed several lunch topics: climate change and homeless/minority communities, nuclear power/CPP in FL, peace luncheon/march in the fall.

USF Health Student PSR leadership 2015-16
From left: Lynn Ringenberg, MD-faculty advisor; Peeraya Sawangkum-Treasurer; Mikaela Aradi-Co-President and Homeless Outreach (RMCM); Alexsandra Bacewicz, MPH-Co-President. Not pictured-Lauren Uichanco-Community/School Garden Coordinator

PSR Florida and local student PSR members joined together in April to celebrate Earth Day at the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo.

2014-2015 USF Health Student Chapter Leadership

Jeannette Fleischer, ARNP, PSR/Florida Board Member
Camille Imbo-Secretary
Jennifer Le
Cindy Nguyen-Co-president
Lynn Ringenberg, MD PSR/Florida President
Thanhnga Doan-Co-president
Manjari Pedapudi-Treasurer

USF Health Student PSR leadership 2012-13
Jared Gopman, Stephanie Holdener, Christina Cherian and Eric Monaco


The University of South Florida Health Student chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility was founded in 2009. As the first and only student chapter in Florida, SPSR at USF Health strives to bring to the forefront issues of environment and health, social justice, and nuclear war. Through education, advocacy, and action, it has made an impact on the local community.

2012-2013 Executive Board of USF Health SPSR

  • Michelle Rosario, President
  • Brittany Darragh, Vice President
  • Stephen Mayper, Treasurer
  • Sasha Yahkinds, Secretary
Projects and Initiatives for 2012-2013
  • USF Patel Partnership Elementary Garden: SPSR, partnered with our local student AMA chapter and Wellness Council, recently began a local nutrition and environmental education program at the USF Patel Partnership elementary school. See the USF Health news article here.

2011-2012 Executive Board of USF Health SPSR

  • Judy Puckett, President
  • Grace Tidwell, Vice President
  • Sherry Zhao, Social Justice Chair
  • Jordan Kapper, Environmental Chair

2010-2011 Executive Board of USF Health SPSR

  • Sadia Ali, President
  • Ayesha Farooq, Vice President
  • Craig Levoy, Treasurer
  • Cara Sullivan, Environmental Health Chair
  • Conrad Vinalon, Social Justice Chair
  • Kristina Chechotka, IT Chair
  • Dr. Ringenberg, Faculty Advisor

Projects and Initiatives for 2010-11

  • Kids Klinic at Metropolitan Ministries
  • Coastal Clean-up Volunteering
  • USF Health Campus Recycling Program Improvement
  • Environmental Health Education

Past Events

  • Speaker – Dr. Ira Helfand: Medical Effects of Nuclear War
  • Documentary Screening – CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil
  • Lunch Meeting: How to get Involved with SPSR
  • Documentary Screening – Unnatural Causes: Collateral Damage
  • Seed planting with students at Belle Witter Elementary

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